Friday, 25 July 2008


Sorry about the absence Jungle Clubbers! I use the internet at my local library and they had industrial action, then they were completely booked out then they had to evacuate because someone had left their shoppping next to 'Alternative Healthcare' and the staff thought it might be a bomb-Thats right, terrorists know that Birmingham and Britain would fall apart its female pensioners didn't get there fix of large print Mills and Boon. . .
Anyway, out of all the ideas, i'm most crazy in love with the transformation of the space into a Jungle.
I'd been walkin the halls of the Natural History Museum before i came back to Brum and looking at a lot of anthropological and botanical illustration. I particularly like the illustrations of environments where every inch is swarming with animals and insects and fish and stuff. I was thinking we could include something like this as part of ours?

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