Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Swimming Cities of Switchback Sea

this is what i tried to find the other day at school but couldn't, it's this thing Swoon organised this year and its fucking SICK. 

Can't post any photo's here cos they're all tech websites. Check it out though, absolutely nuts.

"Swimming cities of Switchback Sea is a flotilla of seven intricately hand crafted vessels that will navigate the stretch of the Hudson River between Troy and the New York harbor this August 15th - September 7th. Imagined as a hybrid between boats and bits of land mass broken off and headed out to sea, the Switchback vessels will make stops in towns along the river bringing performances and music. Over the course of three weeks they will make their way toward their home port - an invented landscape tucked into a niche along the East River in Long Island City, Queens."

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