Thursday, 20 November 2008

late nights

we should make a really sick massive flag to fly from the back. 

just some funding based shit i'll talk about tomorrow but the links are here for future use etc;
  • bit early to sell out but fuck it - Art & Business ; info about getting businesses to sponser you/give you money/exploit you, i think they might facilitate stuff like this aswell, worth looking into.
  • The Gulbenkien Foundation - These look really promising, the blurb on another site says
"The Arts Programme is for professional arts organisations or individual professional artists working in partnerships or groups. Its purpose is to support the development of new artmaking in any artform. It excludes activities which are linked to mainstream education. Under its Arts in Public Spaces scheme, grants are available for early research and development activities leading to particularly imaginative and unusual projects devised for urban or rural landscapes, the built environment and the countryside, and to be led by artists, curators or arts organisations.
As a guide, grants rarely exceed £15,000."
  • This Public Art site has got some other good funding leads, some that ain't got websites of their own, i found this on there:
    Dulux Community Projects
    ICI Paints, sponsor of the scheme, provides help to recognised voluntary groups who wish to carry out painting projects for the benefit of the community. Free supplies of paint are awarded for use in connection with worthwhile community projects.

purely gutting, definitely could've rinsed that for the mural!

  • also i watched this videozine Hold Fast recently about the Anarchist Yacht Club, they bought a shitty boat for $1000, did it up and sailed to the Bahamas each winter for 2 years. pretty nuts and vaguely relevant. there is some boat-building info on the website aswell but not really relevant. 
word, see youse at the mural.

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