Thursday, 9 April 2009

I come back to Camberwell on the 14th

Just thought I'd put up Jordans geodisic dome and Flos tipi for documentation...

I think what Flo's been saying about changing nets to make them our own and more human etc is really good. I'm going to try and make some of my own aswell. For the handout, it was an origami house with a simple net which turned out exact and mathematical if you like...

Going to try and alter this..don't know if it will work. Also, don't know if this is a good or bad idea but we could maybe make a huge version of the handout and have it open and the smaller house pulled out so people can read what its all about..

(I know this is crude but you get the idea!)
I think that limiting the materials is good and probably more cost effective as we can buy more and have less waste etc. I'd like to try knitting on large scale with the canes as knitting needles and rope (i think flo said) as the wool. I don't know if this will work or be relevant but i think it would be another way of making walls. we could then attach/weave it into it.
Also, my mum was showing me her holiday photos and I thought these were kind of relevant... (den structures and weaving etc)

I think this first structure was for a wedding. Kind of what we've been doing but just larger and sturdier!

this is a really nice space. I don't mind emailing them but I wasn't sure how we are going about it..are we sending the pdf? if we are can i have a copy of it without the area 10 bit please? or are we just generally contacting them about the dates we need it? it will probably be booked up but its worth a shot!

cant wait to come back :) bye xx

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