Saturday, 11 April 2009


i know we are meant to be doing less research and more practical but i saw flo's post about homeless people and i thought it was a really interesting point. this made me think of two other pictures i had on my computer (see giant cardboard houses and cat tubes)i also like the idea of looking at the signs that people make to try and get poeple to give them money. but i wont put too much up, but will try and find ways of getting cardboard - did anyone have any luck with that yet? i know you used to be able to get in from supermarkets but i'm not sure if you can do that anymore. i will go down to the Tesco's near me on Monday and see what supermarket policy is on giving away cardboard boxes now. there is Sainsburys/Morrisons/Lidl/Somerfield all within 20 minutes of Peckham so if we can get supermarket cardboard that should be a really good supply for anyone that wants to use it.
i'm free any day next week for a meeting, maybe wednesday if Emma is free after tuesday?

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