Monday, 13 April 2009

hot cross bun house

hey emma - we already went to see the bunhouse on that really really cold dark day sometime back in the past and you lot all climbed up on the roof and then we had a meeting with loads of old men all staring at us!

if that helps you to think of it for starting to think about ideas etc. i'm not sure about the details, because i haven't said anything to Craig yet incase somebody suddenly springs up and says they want it somewhere else, but i might text him today and just give him a heads up that it is looking pretty much for deffos and just make sure that i didn't go mad and imagine that he said that we could have it..!

how about we have the wednesday meeting in the Bunhouse? at 12.00? if pubs are open by twelve? or even something like 3.00?
then we can start really thinking about
what goes where

did we make any notes directly about building in the bunhouse when we were last there? if so bring anything you have along,

i'll text Craig now and let you know if he says anything extra.

pub action... the sexy dart board...
he's loving it...

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