Wednesday, 15 April 2009

my thoughts...

I am definitely up for the meeting next tuesday at 10:30, however it is highly likely the tutors will schedule something for then, why not monday?

all those landlord queries you drafted sound pretty comprehensive to me, can't think of anything else.

The idea of covering all the walls and building from the inside out worries me a bit. I love the analogy with bird nest building and there are strong reasons for working in that way but It feels like a departure from the sort of work we've been doing over the last few months and I would feel quite anxious about taking a new approach at this stage.

I'm going to do a little diagram of how I imagine the exhibition space to work.
I definitely don't want to be difficult and I know I wasn't at the meeting today, so feel free to disagree with what I'm saying if it doesn't feel as exciting as "total transformation".

The corridor: with drawings, plans diagrams, prints, maybe a bit of mural action, seeing as we are quite good at that know. Things that introduce the ideas we've been working with. (the blue bits are sky)

the projection room: some dens in here-in the picture I've drawn a peg and sheet den, and one of jordan's make-it-as-you-go-along triangle huts, and the house shape is a big version of the handout. Also with a shoe reel going-building animations,film or building,miriam and chloe's routine potentially.

Smoking area: some kind of half shelter that is waterproof (maybe canes and plaited carrier bags)

and then on the roof some more structures- maybe a big one made out of found objects.

Am I being really safe and boring by suggesting that we do it this way?

It doesn't look very exciting in these shit sketches but if we did it this way THOROUGHLY and really worked on every corner of the space- work on the windows, ceilings, floors and walls it could be really good and not too much of a huge gamble.



I don't feel particularly stubborn about this but I just wanted to say my bit.

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