Friday, 17 April 2009

Knit and crochet

These are what i've done

French knitting. this can be as long as you want and if i make a bigger dolly then it can be as fat as you want aswell. possibly make big tunnels out of it but this would need ALOT of fabric.

Box stitch - this takes AGES but it looks nice

Purl and moss stitch

String looks nice when you knit with it!

This is what me and Mary did together when she taught me how to crochet

This is my attempt at the same thing but i cant remember how to start it off so this is now a cone thing.

Flo- I did take notes when we first went to the bunhouse..relevant parts:
-good for split levels (exploring the space etc)
-no loop round (go in one point and come out another), possibly a few in, a few out
-projector - poss film us building then speed up and project.
-roof, no sides-think about where we put things-not too close to edge etc
pretty standard stuff really.

and yeah sorry i did see it, i tried big knitting to see how it would look etc just testing -to animate it i'll need someone else to help and better things to knit with...but yh i think that would be niiiiice!
started off using canes and ripped up fabric (8m long), realised 8m doesnt go very far. it worked ok but id like to try using other materials aswell..can anyone think of any alternatives-cheap and lightweight..

1st attempt - i knit really tight so it was quite hard and wasnt very big (this is an 8m long strip of fabric).

2nd attempt - tried to do it a bit looser which didnt end up much bigger.

then i thought about miriams finger knitting-im guessing just knitting with your i thought larger scale-arm knitting.

3rd attempt - cast onto my arms then realised that wouldnt work as you need your arms to wrap it round etc so i put it on my legs and knitted with my legs ha, weird i know but it worked to get it bigger...

If we want to use knitting in the exhib - need to figure out whats best to knit with and get enough of whatever we chose, then i can start doing the other ways of knitting. at the mo theres not enough fabric to attempt any other type than normal knitting...

Alice - yeah meeting is good whenever. asap though!
i like the thing about using the windows alot. WE SHOULD DEFO DO THIS! we know it works really well :)

I think what flo and pete have both said in terms of using the space are good and relevant but part of me still wants to try to hide the walls and make it so you have to crawl in and climb through the space etc. It just feels more exciting and if we can do it it'll be so impressive but then i dont know how unrealistic this idea is. but yh i'm not stubborn about this either, i can be persuaded either way, thats just my gut feeling..also as its the fire esccape, we may not be able to do this for safety reasons. we need to find this out. but saying that i dont know why that a fire escape as it takes you to a roof, above where the fire would be..


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