Monday, 27 April 2009

Post No. 300

Ok, i'm perfectly fine with the name we decided on. But i was under the impression we'd stick with that name for now but if anyone has any more thoughts/ideas then feel free to put them on the blog. Perhaps i was just hearing things.

I wasn't trying to make a big deal out of it and I'm not trying to extend the decision making process or make any one's life difficult. They were just some ideas/suggestions/thoughts I had when i was doing my essay and figured I may as well post them on the blog because i thought they might be interesting and - well, why not? I wasn't trying to impose them on the group or imply i wasn't happy with the name. They were merely just open suggestions. Take them or leave them. Either way I am not in the slightest bit bothered.

Just to make myself clear, 'Draw a Plan, Build a House' and any of its variants are absolutely cool with me, the afore mentioned being my preferred name of choice.

On a lighter note, this is our 300th post. Congratulations Jungle Club. What a day! Here, the great American football player, Don Shula, has personally signed a celebratory card, just for us.

And here, some of our fans celebrating our great achievement - thanks Gerald, Tom, and Brad.

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