Friday, 17 April 2009



ok i spoke to Craig this morning - some points for you all to (readers) digest:

1. we can start to build the show either from the afternoon of the SEVENTH or EIGTH of May (craig said both dates but i am sure it is the SEVENTH) because they have another show there from the 31st-7th/8th

2. Craig, Me and Mick (the irish landlord) are going to have a meeting on Tuesday just to make sure we are all on the same lines so AT THE MEETING ON TUESDAY WE NEED TO GET ALL QUESTIONS TOGETHER and written down so i can read them to Mick and see what he says

3.we can build round the 'stage' bit where the dart board is as long as people can still get to the toilets etc. Craig suggested maybe having something there to explain what is going on in the back but we can decide whether or not we want to do that or go along Flo's route of having things in the corridor.

4. there is a BIRTHDAY PARTY for one of the old boy regulars there on SATURDAY THE SIXTEENTH where i think they are having music and food so we need to take that into consideration.....

5. do we want to build all week and have the private view on the thursday and take down at the weekend? or build like crazy ants from the 7th and have it running like an exibition all week and then have the private view on the thursday as like the finale and then take it down over the weekend? do we want to build it as people potentially could be walking round it or will there not be enough space?

6. i think if people can get to the Bun House before Tuesday and go and have a look at the back room space again (just say to the bar staff that you are doing something for Craig and they should let you no probs) it would be really helpful because i think those of us that went there on Wednesday were really surprised at how different it was to how we had remembered it. that way we can all come to the meeting on Tuesday coming at it from the same angle

7. Flo's drawings are really good - myabe everyone could try and sketch out what they imagine it to be like and how we can start to merge ideas together and use the space to its greatet potential

8. same goes for names for the show//what the show is even about(!)//imagery//sketches for flyers and posters//press release stuff//questions for landlord and Craig// ETC

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