Saturday, 18 April 2009

c o r r i d o r i d e a

OK, so from this terrible terrible drawing you can't actually tell what i am talking about but the idea was:

you walk from the pub, through the door into the corridor.
in the corridor, we build our own walls (which go across the corridor like a door) which then break up the corridor and stop it from looking like a corridor
we could make them out of cardboard or knitting or whatever.
these then make little 'zones' where we can then play around with what we do in them
the person walking through then is completely surrounded by whatever environment they have walked into. and once they are in they can't see what was behind them or what is coming next
we could lower the ceiling or make really really tiny 'zones' (because the corridor isn't that big) but they could all be totally different.
maybe one of the walls could be a small door or something that they have to climb through
if we sent people through one at a time it might feel quite eery being on your own in all these really confind spaces
they will then come to a split where there is either the door for the box room or the door to the ourtside
this is maybe a way that we could try and make a very small space seem bigger by creating the illusion of lots of different bits rather than just seeing it as a corridor
i have watched alot of changing rooms


thinking about the size of the corridor this might have to be scaled down but could still work with just two/three 'zones'

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