Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Bunny Bunhouse

Meeting at mine first is fine with me. At 12?

I will come to the Bunhouse too but I won't be able to stay long either (possibly may have to leave sooner than 4) because my Penguin deadline is on Friday and to qualify you have to submit a sketchbook, a3 mounted work, a3 mounted ideas/processes, written statement etc etc and I've still got lots to do. Every minute is precious and I'll be honest - this is more important to me right now.

So apologies in advance and also for my recent lack of involvement but next week I'll be back in the game.

I'll scan the masking tape drawings tomorrow morning but I can't upload pictures of my models yet as my camera's broken. If someone can bring a camera tomorrow that would be ace.

I have been thinking about those cardboard squares we've ordered though, and the area in front of the backroom in the Bunhouse, where the dartboard is, and how that can turn into one huge structure (or several smaller structures) that you then walk through and proceed into the smaller back room(s). But words mean little without pictures/models so I'll hold that thought.

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