Monday, 13 April 2009

bunhouse meeting

I can come on Wednesday but I have to leave at 4 at the latest because I HAVE to do my Macmillan book.

Except I think we should meet somewhere first- talk about where we are with the project, what needs to still be done, defined roles for everyone, and then go and see the space and then talk about how we mold the space around our work and vice versa.

I think we need to walk into the space having already got things clear in our heads. Is that ok with everyone? Maybe meet at Jordans again because it's probs the closest house.

Feedback to what people have been posting:
MIRIAM- I'm intrigued by finger knitting- what is it? If anyone knows do tell. I also feel good about you doing freehand embroidery- could be very textural and graphicky.
Also- do you have the notes you made when we were at the bunhouse last time?

ELIZA- we did research where to get cardboard. we are waiting on some emails but who knows if anyone will reply. We ordered some metre by metre squared cardboard sheets just coz they were cheap and it's a start. Still our best bet seems to be going through college- the Brian guy in foundation who orders it in, but we just can't get hold of any contact details for him ARRRRRRG. Did you manage to make any headway with the supermarkets?

EMMA- Did you see the thing I wrote before about animation/ film about an attempt at big knitting? still loving that, still definitely think you should doooooo it. Even though you thought it was area ten, that little list of next steps you wrote still applies to the bunhouse space:

viewing the space
talking about what we can do
how long have we got the space (for building and the actual exhibition)
times etc we're allowed to be in (nights and weekends etc)
do we have storage space there

All things we need to think about before, and discuss on wednesday. Also, next steps include thinking about what eliza wrote:

what goes where

Also, I might be imagining this but did you take some notes when we first went to the bunhouse?

it would be nice to do a piece of work on the "Principles of Knitting and Crochet" if they're exciting enough. Glad that you and emma are getting on the knitting.

IZ totally agree with what you said about small, quite strange space leading to us making more focused refined work. And having a venue is a fucking huuuuuge relief.

JORDAN If you can put up photos of those structures made from triangles you were making-have you made any progress with those? And that drawing on brown cardboard with masking tape.

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