Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Still, Things Fall From The Sky

Peter, those interiors are incredible. Where did you find them?

Eliza, glad to hear Craig hasn't completely forgotten about us but it is very late in the game now - we talked about it the other day and decided we need to be looking elsewhere as well, we can't rely on Area 10 alone (hence going to Auto Italia). Parks and open spaces are also possibilities as Peter said in his last post. Infact it is in some ways better as it removes a lot of the pressure that comes with working in a space like Area 10. But then in some ways it is worse as there are of course logistical problems like weather and permissions and what not.

Anyway, here's some good shit:

Angelina Guadolni

Painter, born 1975 in San Francisco, CA. Lives and works in New York and currently has an exhibition called Proposals for Remnants at Kavi Gupta, Chicago.

The concept behind this body of work ties in with Buckminster Fuller (designer behind the geodesic dome) and has some nice themes that run parallel to what we're trying to achieve:

"These "Proposals for Remnants" mold shapes and ephemera, and uses them as the basis for invented constructions. Pilings hint to the architectural and optimistic influences of Buckminster Fuller and humble sculptural paper assemblages represent liminal spaces between the abstract and the representational." - Taken from the press release.

Her past work is also definitely worth checking out and is mostly focused on "modern ruins such as abandoned strip malls, decaying corporate high-rises, and housing projects in various states of demolition." You can see more of her work on

Alot of the paintings feature buildings in a park/forest/green environment which is interesting to see. If we did build our structures in a park it could be good to incorporate plant life in/on/around our structures so they become apart of the landscape, growing into and out of it.

Angelina Gualdoni was also apart of a group exhibition at The Evanston Art Centre, Illinois in 2004 entitled Things Fall From The Sky. Another exhibition with similar ideas to us.

Scott Roberts - Maquette For Black Hole (cardboard and tape)

"The present is a hard place to live, often lacking magic and providing little excitement or opportunity to re-imagine the world.Theses magical moments are so rare that more often than not we find ourselves trapped somewhere between nostalgic yearning for the past and optimistic anticipation for an unknown future where limitless possibilities abound."

I can't find much information about this, however there was a sequel to the exhibition in the same year held at the California Museum of Photography (they have a brilliantly designed website based around a grid by the way). It was called Still, Things Fall from the Sky and it, again, has some interesting ideas and relevant work.

Rob Fischer

Amir Zaki

Christine Tarkowski

"The artists works are dedicated to the immense, limitless, and utterly quotidian subject of the sky and things that fall from it. Embracing frailty and perfection, alongside the utopian and the ideal, Still, Things Fall From the Sky provides a space to author new legends and re-invent the world to one’s own specifications." Ring a bell?

This last piece, by Christine Tarkowski, is made from photo-screened nylon wrapped around an aluminum frame. I'm not sure if this piece is linked with her other work but her 'artistic goal' ,as it were, is to create her own religion. However instead of starting with a god, an idea, a faith, she is doing it in reverse order and starting with the propoganda, music, spaces to congregate etc that come once a religion has been established. Nice. Anyway, she's built several structural pieces using geodesic domes and milk crates:

And on that note I think I'll leave it there for now. I'm going to make some models later today and try and figure out a way of adapting Flo's organic geodesic net so it can be easily constructed full scale. I have an idea already but we'll see.

More will come. I'll post up the pdf and some drawings later as well.

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