Thursday, 16 April 2009

hello, sorry i have been noticeably absent from the blog side of things, i dont have much to show but have been following everything. i'm up for a monday or tuesday meet, whichever one everyones into.

just some thoughts on florences post;
-i really like this proposed layout. initially i was super excited about converting the corridor into a pathway extravaganza but i think that could be taking on more than we can handle and i think at this point it would be better spending longer refining the bits we feel fairly good about rather than potentially rushing something more ambitious.
-also this way of doing things, showing animations/footage & plans & progressions etc would lend itself to what we've always said about continual documentation & all that.
-i think from now forward we need to really think of solid overall concepts, like the title , etc to avoid it becoming a sort of mis-matched collection of bits we've done before. we could even think of writing the press release or one-sheet super soon so we have something to always refer back to and its always right there in our heads all the time always forever. plus this'll be well easy cos we've essentially already done it with the proposals and that.

i will be back on saturday so will completely get stuck in from then. this essay can fuck off for a start.

-jimi who did the alternative press fair has put me in touch with the woman who runs the upstairs gallery space of the bear pub in camberwell about running a small press/zine fair & exhibition. pretty similar to rotating gallery, a one day event with exhibition. so we should all get involved with this and it'll be dope.
-he is also doing a book/anthology of the zine-artists and that who took part in the press fair. i.e US. the deadline is the end of april and the brief is (loosely) 'Introduce Yourself'. all the shit is on his website;
-London zine symp is sunday 3rd of may. we've definitely got 2/3rds of a table and i've got the other 3rd for my distro so can squeeze up/bail out if its cramped. natalie asked if we could share with ella and her crew but i dont know what they've got so i said it might be too much of a squeeze.
-exeter zine fest is the 29th of may. exeter is fucking miles away but i thought id chuck it out there anyway. might be a nice holiday after the stress of this exhibition eh

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