Friday, 17 April 2009

petey post

totally agree with everything your saying about the exhibition-agreed about title ideas soon and i think we were planning to write the press release on monday/tuesday so thats all good.

titles to get the ball rolling (coz i think we should throw some out there, it's the only way to start):

recluse poets vs. desert fathers (based on what is in a hut of one's own-couldn't love it enough)
places to live
hut show
den show
huts and dens
these are my dens and what i want them to look like...(nod to chloe)
cardboard,fabric,garden canes,paper and string time
poetics of space vs. a hut of one's own. ha.

i'm just spewing out random titles. if everyone does this maybe we will come up with something sort of appropriate!

also i think there should be a drawing of us building on the flyer-relevant-different to normal flyers-straight forward BAM

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