Friday, 17 April 2009


I think in terms of what the exhibition is going to be I am still thinking along the same lines as Emma- I am more excited by the idea of transforming the whole space- but I do know that we need to be realistic. I do think that it would be good to hide all the walls (particularly as the walls are not really that nice) and create our own space- as I liked the idea of moving away from a traditional gallery exhibition, and creating a place that was completely how we wanted it and taht suited our needs. 

I think because of the size of the space, transforming it all may not be that daunting- although it would need alot of planning. I agree with Pete that writing the press release and sorting out the publicity and stuff will  make us think about what would work best for the project and what we can manage. etc.

I am a fan of 'Recluse Poets vs. Desert fathers'


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