Tuesday, 14 April 2009


that we have the venue.

This a point we can discuss later but should establish for the press stuff... if we have the venue from the 11th this presumably includes building time. How long should we do that and how long should the exhibition be open. The 11th is a monday so we could say we'll build til wednesday or thursday and then open for 3 days?? the private view could be on the thursday or friday??
or... are we thinking a one off night... so build until friday and then exhibit on the friday or saturday or sunday...

I like the idea of free hand embroidery too. I really like miriams drawings for the patterns but i think we should also develop patterns linked to the ideas of personal space etc. I like the dens pictures being about making the dens but if it was all of them it could maybe become a bit too self referential. I'm going to do some screen print some fabric today- see how that turns out.

The cardboard people are ringing me back in 10 minutes to set up payment for the cardboard.

Maybe we could meet at jordans at 11 or 12 if thats okay with him. Then we can sort stuff out for like 2 hours and then walk down to the bunhouse.

The principles of knitting in this book are just the code of abbreviations but i'll do some research to see if i can find anything more interesting.

In terms of where things go.. i don't know if its even an idea we want to pursue anymore but you know the walk through layered scene (communal interactive space) we were talking about a while ago- the corridor that leads from the pub to the rooms could house that really well. Also isn't there already a projector in the white room miriams and chloes's thing?

I like the idea of the two part exhibitions loosely based on the two books. Like reacting to 2 different views and therefore two different responses to space. We should discuss tomorrow how to separate the 2 strands. Also, have we been in contact with the house gallery?

See you all tomorrow x

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