Friday, 10 April 2009


We have been talking about generating our own fabrics to build dens with (to wrap around frames and to peg together) and making our own patterns to block print/screen print/paint/draw on. I thought I would put a post up with some initial pattern ideas-well not really ideas but some patterns/peoples work I like which could lead to ideas.
These are some textile patterns by Paul Wearing and Hilde Smith.

I really like aggressive 80's patterns. Lino cut sort of stuff. Rather like African patterns.

Jordan's favourite, Bjorn Copeland.

Jean Michel Basquiat
Scrubby oil painty pastel stuff. Like drawing if you were holding a crayon in your fist.

Tracey Emin.
Nice Applique things. Combination of fabrics on fabrics. Clashing/complementing.

Cross stitch embroidered cushion.
I scanned this in. Made up of little squares.

Cy Twombly.
King of mark making.

This is Cy Twombly aswell, the little thing on the right is part of a polaroid of the little plastic triangles that made up the best before sign.

Stickers and stamps.
Nice colours, different repeated shapes and characters.

Commes des Garcons Advert.
Crazy changing patterns.

Tiger Paw

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