Wednesday, 22 April 2009


But who is first mate?
I have a headache, the weather's got rid of all my brain cells.
but my apologies for me disappearing off this blog for a week or so.
i'm up for using flo's title for our exhibition. i think it sounds really nice-as for dressing up as hermits i'm really up for that too.
i'm getting on my sketches of how i want the exhibition to look, i've never really nosed around the bun house,(only been there for samuel's show & it was rammed) so my sketches may be really adventurous & unattainable, however i'll try my best, & look at the photograph's you guys have pasted & so on n so forth.
We're talking to Pete on the moro right? well i personally feel we should meet up slightly earlier, just to do an overall talk through, just so i can get the jist of what everyones feeling at the moment & all that jazz. (because of my absense-which i'm aware is my own fault-i just want to be sure i've got things straight etc, just incase i talk in the meeting tomorrow & get things wrong.)

thank you & i shall see you all tomorrow.

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