Saturday, 25 April 2009

dates confirmed

love the triangles - i hadn't seen the process before but i think it looks really good. look forward to seeing it on a really large scale...

just to let everyone know, the dates for the show have been 100% confirmed with Craig now::

they are taking down the show before us on the afternoon of the 8th - so as soon as they are finished we can get in there and start building.
we then have the space until the 17th when we need to take it down.
so that gives us 9 days so even if we build for 2-3 days that still gives us a good amount of time for the show.
i still think the private view should be on the thursday - the weekend is not an option because they have a party there on the saturday but it's totally up to everyone what they want to do..
i am back at home in Herts this weekend (sorry i couldn't be there for the build practice friday, family bizz to attend), but on Monday i will try and get to the Bunhouse to track down Mick the landlord and ask how long we can build for in a day/night etc and try and find out the answers to the other questions we had.

so yes, the dates are---------->

*******8TH - 17TH MAY 2009*********

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