Saturday, 18 April 2009

hermit the frog

those canes are insaine! who ever would have thought there were so many types of cane?!! and seeing them and then seeing Emmas knitting = exciting

i really like the idea of the giant version of the handout for the dart board could be like the size of a proper wendy house so that you can go in it like with the den we made for the pitch. we should have that projection thing of all the images etc in there (the one we used for the pitch) because that was too good to only use once and it was really clear - esp if it was also backed up with other stuff like our drawings or miniature models of dens - like Flo's teepee and some of Emma's knitting experiments made in to very small dens.

perhaps we could make an individual handout or something that people could look at as they walk around the show - to kind of give them a context of what they are looking at - and also all that stuff about making an audience feel like they are part of what they are viewing and not just feeling like the are intruders like the tutors said about our amazing den. i don't know what form that would take or anything or even how it would work or if there would be another, maybe more interesting way, to involve the audience but i deffos think it is something we should think about.

also there is a plug inside the box room which we can plug a multi plug adaptor into (plug) - incase anyone was worried about power supply for lights//projectors//fans//etc//. again we should think about sound, temperature, colour, light as a way of utilising the space as well as the physical dens.

-i will ask mick about the health and safety aspects, but write it down incase i forget. to be fair - that pub doesn't really srtike me as the kind of place that worries too much about things like that (you can climb on to a sideless roof with your pint in the dark if the mood strikes you) but obviously we don't want anyone to die!!

the door to the corridor also as another point - opens inwards (i think) so if we are going to build in the corridor we need to remember to leave space. trivial but maybe important....

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