Tuesday, 7 April 2009

more money & auto italia update

so yesterday me and jordan paid in about £200 to the account. i'm sure he'll email round the bank details in a bit.

then we went to Auto Italia & spoke to 2 of the women who organise it all. they were really nice and had recieved but not properly looked at our proposal. they said they are booked pretty much until September so to be honest it doesn't really look good. she did mention that they're trying to have this network of people so that if someone wants to build stuff or do a photoshoot or generally use the space you can do on a 'phone ahead on the day' sort of basis but im not sure they'll be able to find us a couple of weeks to have something.

so i think probably parks route is the way. i take it no-ones heard from dimitri? there is a park directly opposite auto italia so i guess potentially if we wanted to do it there we could store stuff at auto italia. bit of a mega bummer.

here are some tenuously-relevant interiors;

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