Thursday, 9 April 2009


Extra stuff about why I think this is important.

I think that its important that the structures we make come from us not copied from already existing structures. obviously to practice we have to look at these structures in order to learn methods and techniques but we don't have the same reasons for building as others do- ie buckminster fuller or native americans etc. I think that structures such as geodesic domes and tipis already have such specific histories and purposes. They carry so much weight and meaning that we would not be referencing in our ideas that i think it would weaken our idea. If the structures are developed from us even if they arise from pre existing structures will be more significant and meaningful.

In a book i've been reading about african architecture it speaks of the 'sensitive relationship between people and their built environment' which i think is important.

Also carrying on from what flo said before- if we use mainly paper cardboard and fabric it feels more authentic because we are using our more traditional working methods to do something different.

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