Saturday, 18 April 2009

Everyone Brainstorm Titles-Everyone do Sketches of How the Exhibition Could Look

I am AMAZED by Emma's knitting efforts- really really exciting stuff!

EMMA: The Big knitting looks beautiful-really sort of chunky and sculptural- I was definitely thinking you could make an animation in a little team- sorry if it sounded like i meant you should make it on your own!! I would offer my services but there are definitely people who are better at that film making, animation lark than me- i'm thinking Jordan, Katie, Alice, and others.

In terms of needing alot of string/wool/rope/fabric to make large french knitting "tube" things- why not? By the time everyone has put their £80 in we should have £900 or so, and we have to make an investment at some point!

MY FAVORITE ONE EVER IS THE LEG KNITTING- we have to have to have to have to use this!!!!! looks bloody good aswell- kind of like a net- a big fishing net or a ladder/climbing frame thing.

Good point about the fire escape/safety hazard implications. One of the questions Eliza needs to sort out with Mick is, what are the health and safety requirements? ie. anywhere we can't build, things we can't obstruct, materials we can use (im thinking fire hazard time?)

I dont know what everyone else is thinking but I'd defo rather start building on the afternoon of the 7th! earlier the better in my book.

What Craig said about having something in the dart board area to introduce whats going on in the back rooms- this could be the upscaled version of the handout (obviously we would alter the content so it was relevant.)

Those pictures of knitted chains look amazing-having loads of those in the space would make me die in a good way.

Reactions to Eliza's points about putting up/taking down the exhibition etc.
My initial feeling is that I would rather have the exhibition open for as long as possible so as many people as possible will see it. Therefore I would rather do crazy ants building from the afternoon of the 7th and open on the Monday until the Sunday.
I think we need to have it open for at least one day of the weekend- when do we have to have it down by?

The Cane sample pack arrived!!!!! It took 11 days to arrive- we should bear this sort of timescale in mind for when to order materials- we should really leave two weeks delivery time. I will bring it all to the meeting. Is it Monday or Tuesday? I think it should be asap-Monday.

I'm coming round to the idea of total transformation but I still feel really anxious about it- can someone do a drawing of how this could work/the logistics of the whole thing? Techniques, how to tackle ceilings etc.? I think I don't understand fully.

More Titles:

A Pursuit of Ordinariness
(this is basically the hermit's quest- to retire to some other place to escape socially contingent rewards like power, success and wealth. To escape the pressure of unsettled times and to create an ordinariness for himself)
Different quotes from recluse poetry that are quite nice:

"at my door autumn grasses grow"

"day by day a fresher air moves"

I like these as titles because they aren't trying to be cool or trendy. They might seem a bit arty for some but they are earnest, and were written by people who wanted to make a space of their own for much the same reasons as I think we do.
I could write more up about these poems if anyone is confused or wants to see more of them.


can we dress up as hermits for the flyer?

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