Friday, 24 April 2009

Autonomous Triangles

I know everyone's seen these already but I never got round to putting them on here, so here they are with a brief explanation of the process.

In response to Flo's nets of her own Geodesic Domes, I came up with another way of creating a dome whilst still retaining a human element in the process. At the time I thought the majority of our cardboard would come from shops and supermarkets and so we'd have a mix of different sized pieces. With this in mind I started making my own structures with unmeasured and randomly cut out triangles.
(Excuse the bad photographs - my camera is broken so they're all taken on a mobile phone)

So first up I cut out my triangles and, anal as I am, organised them by colour:

Using flaps I started piecing them together to create a wall:

Which slowly grew...

...Until I went round in a circle and came back where I started - creating a free standing structure. It is quite a fun process, like a jigsaw puzzle with no correct solution - the unpredictability of it is interesting as well because you get strange pockets on the walls that you would never logically want to create.

Birds eye view:

As you can see it doesn't have a roof. This is because I'm using random triangles with random angles and as such it is impossible to create an entire 3D surface without holes and gaps. I also gave myself strict rules to only use random triangles and not to create made-to-measure pieces to fill the gaps. This was just for experimental purposes, to see how it works, and actually I quite like the holes and gaps. If we did want to create a roof and/or fill the gaps though we could easily start creating triangles to fit those gaps exactly - or we could use other materials instead which might be good.

Anyway here's another attempt, slightly simpler:

And lastly, here are a couple of simple masking tape drawings of our cane structures, inspired by the amazing Anne Harild.

They look good with inverted colours as well:

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